Historically, the color of our products has always inspired the entire philosophy of our brand, looking to a society where individuals and communities act with respect to diversity and the environment around them.


Our campaigns have opened the eyes of many people to the most pressing problems of our time, proposing concrete solutions to change our society in a positive way.

United by Half – 2017
A gender equality campaign in India, accompanied by concrete initiatives to support empowerment and the legitimacy of women across the country.
Safe Birth. Even Here. – 2016
A photo and video campaign, conducted in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund and aimed at protecting women and girls who are facing pregnancy in emergency situations.
Africa Works – 2008
A campaign to promote the instrument of microcredit and the work of Birima, a Senegalese cooperative credit company. Benetton has collaborated over the years with esteemed non-governmental organizations around the world.
Food for Life – 2003
A campaign to fight world hunger in partnership with the World Food Program, one of Benetton’s many collaborations with United Nations agencies.
White. Black. Yellow. – 1996
One of the many posters that have been created over the years by Fabrica to condemn racism, one of the struggles that United Colors of Benetton continues to address.
AIDS – 1994
A major AIDS awareness campaign, included in an issue of COLORS Magazine, a guerilla marketing action at Place de La Concorde in Paris and a series of posters included this image of AIDS activist and patient David Kirby on his deathbed, taken by Therese Frare.


We have always committed ourselves to products that respect the environment, animals and people all along the supply chain.

Detox Catwalk
We’re one of the leading brands of the Detox Catwalk, a special ranking made by Greenpeace which evaluates the progress of 19 global fashion brands striving for the elimination of toxic substances given off by products or in the supply chain.
Responsible Down Standard
The United Colors of Benetton collections are RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard): this means that the down feathers and padded jackets we offer come exclusively from geese and ducks that live freely and have not been never mistreated.
Organic Cotton
Our production includes an overwhelming amount of 100% organic cotton, cultivated without the use of chemical agents and therefore reducing its environmental footprint.


In 2015 we launched the Benetton for You program to offer our Italian office quality healthcare, easy re-entry after maternity leave and more freedom in balancing work and private life.


Our commitment begins with our city and the surrounding area. It is here that we have created a community network that can prosper, bringing benefits to the local community and engaging with the rest of the world.

The communication research centre that annually offers scholarships to fifty artists under 25 from all over the world, leaving them free to experiment in the fields of video, graphics, design, writing, photography, interactive arts and music.
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Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
A centre dedicated to the studies and research and the landscape: the history, geography, natural and cultural heritage, and conduct of the people who inhabit it.
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Ghirada – City of Sport
Built by the Benetton family in 1982, this is an area of 22 hectares that is open to everyone, 365 days a year, and dedicated to sports and outdoor activities in a healthy environment, clean and suitable for both young people and families.
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Ponzano Children
A Childhood Centre designed in collaboration with Reggio Children and following the Reggio Approach to accommodate the families of Benetton Group employees and those of the residents of the surrounding territories.
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