The colors of Benetton go hi-tech:
Padua welcomes our new flagship store

The new format of United Colors of Benetton shops is on display in Padua: on Saturday 27 October the store in Via Emanuele Filiberto at the corner of Via Risorgimento has been reopened, with a completely revamped hi-tech and informal concept that makes its first appearance in the region of Veneto, following the features of the store in London which opened its doors last March in Oxford Street.


The new flagship store is an informal and technological space that goes beyond the traditional idea of a shop: an urban and contemporary showroom, it enhances the true essence of the United Colors of Benetton brand.


Playing host to the sales point is the historic “Supercinema Principe,” which first opened in February 1931 and was designed by Venetian architect Duilio Torres. The renewal project aimed at paying tribute to the features and original functions of the building: cinema. A tribute that stands out as soon as you lay eyes on it: two large windows overlook the below walkway, which in turn makes way for two movie theaters with a screen and seats for the preview of the United Colors of Benetton world. The entrance becomes once again a foyer by means of a curtain, represented by three multi-color LED arches, leading the client to the real show: the shop.


The store covers a surface of roughly 1,600 m2 spread across three floors: the ground floor hosts the women’s collection and features the knitwear bar, an interactive display area with knitwear that also has multimedia info points which go into detail about the brand and its products, as well as an embroiderer for the customization of pieces.


And it’s the very knitwear bar that pumps blood into this store’s heart with details of innovation introduced in the sixties at Benetton stores with the elimination of counters, completely dismantling the idea of the traditional shop, promoting a hands-on relationship between customer and product.


The first floor follows suit with a women’s selection, which then leads to the men’s and Undercolors collections. Lastly, the second floor hosts the kids’ collection, where the selection of colors makes for a joyous and vibrant atmosphere.


Even the checkout counters are innovative: a series of circular structures, which substitute the traditional cash registers, where one can pay via smartphone or card, allow for a speedy service without lines. As a matter of fact, the new sales point is aimed at offering a new shopping experience that’s as engaging as ever: a natural continuation of online shopping, directed towards a vast presence of channels.


The revamped Padua store represents a new United Colors of Benetton flagship store in Italy which, thanks to the concept led by technology, essence and Italian flair, has the goal of enhancing the brand’s strengths: knitwear, color and innovation.


After London, Turin and Padua, the new format will be spread across other European cities in 2019.