Benetton looks to Zurich for its passers-by

The windows of United Colors Benetton’s Bahnhofstrasse store, in Zurich, are ready to be transformed into a large photo shoot in which the models will be the passers-by and the inhabitants of the city.
Being open to things that are different and the culture of image are two of the pillars on which Benetton has built its identity and its business. These principles are present in a project coordinated by Fabrica which will take place on 15 and 16 February.
Oliviero Toscani, Settimio Benedusi and a team of Fabrica photographers will build a photographic set that will be on display at the Bahnhofstrasse store, in Zurich, inviting passers-by to come in and have their portrait taken.
Everyone can participate. The goal is that the selection of portraits taken in the two days will build a sort of visual map of Zurich’s population.
Wanted Creativity will also take place during the photo shoot, allowing everyone a chance to present their portfolio and work to Toscani and the Fabrica team.